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​ The Scholarship Committee of First Presbyterian Church is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of scholarships for our church community. To be eligible for consideration to receive a scholarship, a student must be an active member of First Presbyterian Church of Bismarck or must have been an active participant in the life of First Presbyterian Church of Bismarck for at least three years. The awards are given for students at any level of study beyond high school. Four years is the maximum for receiving scholarships: these need not be consecutive years. Graduate students may apply for scholarships, providing they are within the four year maximum.

The deadline to apply is May 17, 2024

​​​​​Pastor Leanne's Message for the month of June 2024

Frost Advisory
 I get a kick out of it whenever I see my mother in me. She was a great one for    turning normal situations into life lessons – especially gardening. Very early in life,       I realized that the best way to get time with her was to work with her in the garden – there was very little competition for her attention there! And always she would chat, “You see these vines that are wrapping around this plant? We have to pull them off before it kills it. The same is true of people – they need to watch their entanglements and pay attention to the things that are wrapping around their souls. A person’s spirit can get strangled by things that twist around: bad relationships, resentment, fear… always pull off the vines.” Or “you know, the Bible says it’s the little foxes that destroy the vine. Too many people are watching for big temptations, big enemies, but it’s the little ones that ruin everything.” Or so my mother said.

So, today, seeing a weather advisory predicting a freeze, and feeling irritated and  lazy about going outside to cover my plants, I found my mother inside me. I heard         her voice whispering in my soul, “be sure to protect the love inside you – there is       a lot in our environment that would like to freeze it cold and instead fill you with indifference, resentment and apathy. Be aware of what life is doing to you.            Take care of your soul.”

Sounds like Momma. And, its pretty good advice. I don’t have to watch the news      for more than 5 minutes, before I have identified a reason to become jaded, resentful or apathetic. Partly its because I see so much wrong in the world, and partly its because I realize that I am only one person with limitless power to change anything.   I feel helpless and upset every time an animal rescue commercial shows a suffering puppy – you can imagine how I feel when it is thousands and thousands of people, including little children, 
who are shown suffering and dying. There’s a temptation that comes whenever the cold of world angst comes upon us: we are called to help accepting that we are not enough to fix the problem, or we are tempted to turn away and tell ourselves that others deserve it, or there’s nothing we can do. I can hear my Mom telling me – protect your heart – let nothing freeze it. Your ability to love, to care, is your superpower. Protect it. Stay caring. Do what you can. Love is the greatest power God has given us. Protect your ability to love. Keep caring, keep working,  keep genuine, and trust God to work where your abilities fall short. A quote from the Talmud may be familiar to some of you, but I think it says it all:

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief. 

Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now.

You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”

Leanne  ​