​​​Pastor Leanne's Message for the month of November

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism

Presbyterians no longer have Missionaries. We have “Mission      Co-workers.”  This is more than just a simple change in nomenclature; it is a change in our church’s relational philosophy. Once, along with the rest of the church world, in all good intentions, we sent out Missionaries to share the gospel, but along with our message of hope, we often imposed our cultural priorities with a paternalistic flare. With time, our understanding of the universality of the gospel challenged us to take on the relational approach which was modelled by Christ- rather than standing over others, we seek to stand beside them. Rather than telling them what they need, we seek to equip them for the challenges of faith in their own times, places and terms. It is one of the things I love about being Presbyterian. There is a commitment to equip people for their own development and independent worship needs. The saying above (okay, it’s not from a Christian but it is still good common sense) spells out the value of this kind of ministry.

That’s why I love the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. (If you haven’t seen it, there are several in the church narthex for you to take.) As the holiday seasons come around, and we all begin thinking of ways to celebrate the birth of Christ through giving, I challenge you to check out the gifts that can be given to help others self-sustain. Some of them are expensive, granted – if one has an extra $15,000 laying around, then one could buy a Deep Rock Well for places in this world where water is scarce. But others are far less expensive: for $50, one can buy a sewing machine with which a woman in the developing world can make a living. For $15, one can supply a fisherman with a net. For $240 one can help heat a family home in Syria during the winter. I get so excited thinking about the major difference one person can make in the lives of others with a small gift.

This year, the youth and kids of our church are participating in such a      project. They are making Christmas ornaments which they will sell, and the funds they raise will be used to buy families of chickens (for $25) and/or piglets (for $40 each) through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. The works of their hands will be displayed in the church narthex near Thanksgiving time. I am excited to teach our children the importance of caring for their global neighbors. It is hard for them to imagine people and their circumstances in far away places, but it is not hard for them to picture an actual pig or chicken and understand that they are giving something special in this way.     I invite you to join them as they learn to make a difference in our world. Stop by the table on Sunday, November 20th and check out their ornaments.



The Scholarship Committee of First Presbyterian Church is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of scholarships for our church community.  To be eligible for consideration to receive a scholarship, a student must be an active member of First Presbyterian Church of Bismarck or must have been an active participant in the life of First Presbyterian Church of Bismarck for at least three years.  The awards are given for students at any level of study beyond high school.  Four years is the maximum for receiving scholarships:  these need not be consecutive years.  Graduate students may apply for scholarships, providing they are within the four year maximum.  The deadline to apply is May 13th, 2022.



​We encourage you to continue to love your neighbor well at this time. Hebrews 13:16 challenges us to“dowhat is good and to share, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”Thank you for being the Church. 

Are you in need of assistance that you can not get help?  Email firstpresbyterian@fpcbismarck or call      701-223-6091 and let us know how we can help.


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