First Presbyterian Church of Bismarck


The new and improved Parent Handbook is now available in print at the Child Care Center office, or Click here  for an online copy. 

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Mission Statement
To provide safe, loving care for infants and toddlers in a climate of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity. We strive to provide a creative, nurturing, and stimulating environment in which to learn and grow. Our licensed, non-profit infant-toddler child care center welcomes families from a variety of racial ethnic backgrounds and families who may need financial assistance in order to enroll their children.

Personal Mission
The Child Care Center provides opportunities for all church members actively to volunteer in whatever manner is appropriate for them. Financial gifts, gifts of supplies, such as paper or cleaning products, toys, books, and the gift of time are received with enthusiasm. 

The center has been the recipient of carpentry skills provided by church member Ron Barks. Searles Hornstein shared his knowledge of the computer with the director, Shawn Stettner. Carolyn Barks gave hand-knitted hooded sweaters to infants. Jan Reynolds read to the children every week for several years. Jan Daley provided the center with the gift of time and her singing talents as she comforted crying babies. Matt Emerson assembled furniture for the grand opening of the center. Alberta McQueen helped with lunch time. Grace Hoge repaired crib and cot sheets and sewed bibs for the center. Delton and Leila Bender honored their granddaughter, Colby, by creating a memorial for the center. And who can forget Paul Owens,who was challenged by one of Pastor Jeannette Hickman's sermons to become a Child Care Center Board member extraordinaire? He gave the center his leadership talents and left the staff with memories of his dressing up as the Easter Bunny, complete with the delivery of baskets of Easter treats.

Members of the congregation who have been strong advocates for the Child Care Center provided a $100,000 matching challenge grant to establish a foundation for the center in May 2006. This campaign met with incredible success through the support of the congregation and community members.

The Child Care Center provides each member of the congregation the opportunity to make the center his or her personal mission in sharing gifts and talents.