First Presbyterian Church of Bismarck

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We are a community called to love God through worship and prayer, receiving and serving our neighbors with the compassion of Christ, open to new beginnings and the spiritual growth of children, youth and adults.

Our Story

Today First Presbyterian Church of Bismarck is a vital congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). 

The church supports a Child Care Center for working families who find it difficult to afford quality child care. Members are involved in area missions that include gardening for donation to food pantries, rebuilding area homes, Summer Mission Trips, the Dream Center, Ministry on the Margins, support for local schools and families in need, and a lay preachers program, which provides worship leadership for surrounding smaller congregations.

The Presbyterian Connection

We are part of the 2.4 million-member Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The term "Presbyterian"  means a church governed by elders. Commissioned lay elders share leadership with ministers, teaching elders, in  our church. 

Our Presbyterian system of government, with its local, regional, and national levels, was a major influence on our U.S. constitution and American representative government.

Presbyterians trace their history back to John Calvin (d.1564). If Martin Luther was the heart of the Reformation, Calvin was its mind. Presbyterians approach faith with both heart and mind and try to live as Christians with order and ardor.

As part of the First Church affirms our Presbyterian heritage by developing an informed and Biblically-literate laity; understanding work as vocation; encouraging Christian unity; promoting social justice and individual morality; and having an unshakable confidence in the rule of God over creation.